Balsam of Peru Essential Oil




Balsam of Peru Essential Oil (Myroxylon balsamum) is also commonly known as Balsamum peruvianim and Black Balsam. Balsam of Peru Essential Oil has a medium‐strength rich, sweet, and balsamic aroma presenting a base fragrance note.

We included Balsam of Peru Essential Oil as part of the Rocky Mountain Oils Skin Care collection since the oil is incorporated into many skin care products. Natural perfumes often contain the oil due to its vanilla-like aroma. You’ll also find it as a fragrance component in soaps, detergents, creams and lotions, ointments and cosmetics. Balsam of Peru is suitable for most skin types, soothing the skin and unleashing your natural beauty. Be sure to dilute with a carrier oil before applying topically.

The oil also works great for direct inhalation and diffusion. Balsam of Peru may help bolster restful sleep and promotes a comforting effect on the emotions.