Deluxe Eco Robotics

Product Description


A fascinating D.I.Y. experience powered entirely by the sun!

As young engineers work their way through the two levels of robot construction, their minds quickly expand and their imaginations roll into endless possibilities.

Start with the first level, building a slowly crawling tortoise, a scurrying bug, a four-legged walker, a PaddleBot that floats and glides through the water, a classic walker, a puppy dog, and a versatile big-wheeler bot.

Move on to the second level, building a topsy-turvey two-wheeled bot, a speedy race car, a SlinkerBot that crawls with fascinating movement, a SurferBot, a robo-crab, and a RowingBot.

Highly detailed instructions and 250+ easy-to-piece-together parts make building and learning easy for all. But the best part…

Once they get the hang of things, kids can try inventing their OWN solar-powered robot!

Alternative energy is the future of engineering. There’s no better time to get kids learning the basics of solar technologies than now, with the Teach Tech SolarBot.14 set.

Deluxe Eco Robotics

  • An engineering kit for making 14 solar powered robots
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, engineering skills, logic, problem-solving, creativity
  • A fascinating way to explore solar energy
  • Basic building skills level – TortoiseBot, BugBot, FourBot, PaddleBot, WalkR-Bot, K9Bot, Big Wheeler Bot
  • Advanced building skills level – TumblerBot, CarBot, SlinkerBot, SurferBot, MonsterBot, CrabbyBot, RowingBot
  • Features decal stickers for cool decoration
  • Robots move on land and water
  • Includes 4 sheets punch-out parts, boat parts, solar panels, 4 tires, 2 wires, 2 gears, decal sticker sheet
  • Highly detailed instruction manual included
  • Assemble, dismantle, and reassemble again and again
  • Try inventing your own solar-powered robot!
  • Completely solar powered – no batteries required
  • Requires direct sunlight to be able to move
  • Made of strong, durable plastic pieces